A brief statement

Analyzing the concept of the border: maximum reduction of the pictorial material (only using the glazing and layering technique), distinguished by lightness and transparency and at the same time by stratification and a great richness of details: layering upon layering of putting glazing color to reach something that is not a body of matter, but a transparency with thickness, with weight, very light, that take his own power by depth. The spaces, so built, are furrowed by signs, that cross like a walk in a vast landscape. So that there is no loss of history, no loss of variety, no loss of complexity, even if the is an apparent absence of things represented.

The need to move into the space, which is also a peculiarity of my paintings, arose to realize a more self-evident hat of concept of space and volume in my work .

My sculptures are spaces into spaces and the people are pushed to use the space as a new space.

The space, inside or outside space, is a co- protagonist of the work .

It shows lines tensed from a wall to another wall, directly from the wall the lines go out, directly into the wall go in, individuating a piece of something to show, what in the moment is important to let to see. In all cases is a piece of story dedicated to a space.

All that because I want to reaffirm a kind of aesthetics of beauty, maybe not showy, not unbecoming, subtle and sensual, that comes from that silence necessary to be able to hear a possible dialogue between ethics and aesthetics.

Mimmo Roselli

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