A Day in Ipitacito del Monte – BOLIVIA

Ten days I live in Ipitacito del Monte, a community in the Bolivian Chaco; my journey is within the light-dark rhythm: intense light, absolute darkness. 5.30 am: from a tank I take a little water for a coffee; Then I go on top of the scaffolding.

My eleventh working day is going to start; Juan, ten years old, rides a mule bareback, is taking the animals to drink to what is cut off from the community (about three kilometers from the center of the community). A row of women carrying pots with old drawings tells me that it is seven o’clock in the morning: they too, on foot, are going to collect water. On his way, with the pots empty, it took him a while to look at the facade of his church which is animated by signs and colors; They talk to each other, laugh, greet.

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