Solo Exhibitions (a choise)

2023 – PORTOFERRAIO / Italy, Di un Abbraccio, FONDAZIONE ITALO BOLANO e.t.s. International Art Center, from 9/7 to 3/9 2023 curated by Erica Romano

2023 – KARLOVY VARY/ Czech Rep , IVAN OUHEL/MiMMO ROSELLI, Art Gallery Karlovy Vary, May-June 2023, curated by Ivan Neumann

2022 – CZECH REP., Zameck Dobrohor, On the Border

  • AUSTRIA, Fratres, Museum Humanum, On the Border

2021 – PRAGUE/CZECH REP., Nova Sin Galerie (with I. Ouhel)

2018 – WURZBURG/Germany,Toccare, Eisengen, Erbachshof art project

  • NEW YORK/VENEZIA, MEN Gallery and Caldiroli Gallery, curated by M. Merson

2016 – DAEGU/Korea, Silence, Meditation, and Resonance, Gallery Shilla, curated by Soojung Hyun

  • NEW YORK/USA, Il Gigante buono, Casa Italiana/NYU

2014 – CARMIGNANO/Italy, Dialoganti, SAAM-Shema Polis, curated by Raoul Dominguez

2013 – NEW YORK/USA, The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, No-profit Foundation

2009 – NEW YORK/USA, OK Harris works of art, “Measuring the space”, curated by Robert C. Morgan.

2008 – BUDAPEST/Hunghery, Kiscelli Muzeum , curated by P. Fitz and P. Ribal.

  • ROMA/Italy, Tor Vergata University, LineeDEA.

2007 – FIRENZE/Italy, Galleria Il Ponte e Museo Archeologico Nazionale, “Lineare“, curated by B. Corà and R.C. Morgan.

  • TARIJA/Bolivia, Museo Fray Francisco Miguel Marì,“a través del vidrio “, curated by L. Calzavarini.

2005 – NEW YORK /USA, Kentler International Drawing Center, “Drawing Space”, curated by M. O’Hara

  • BERNDORF-WIEN/Austria, Museum Arterra, “Un Km di linee di più”, curated by E. Stastny.
  • WIEN/Austria, Theseustempel, Kunsthistorishe Museum, “La grande acqua”, curated by E. Stastny.

2002 -HEIDELBERG/Germany, Kunstverein, “Cosmogonia”, BERGAMO/Italy, GAMeC (Jun.2003), curated by H. Gerke, B. Corà and C. Rodeschini

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