Ivan Ouhel, Mimmo Roselli

Ivan Ouhel, Mimmo Roselli at Nova Sin Gallery, Prag (Czech Republic)

After almost thirty years, artists and friends, Ivan Ouhel and Mimmo Roselli, exhibit together in the same exhibition hall. Their work is always based on the same basis. Ouhel is a painting that although with his vision and feeling, he still moves in the space of nature, detaches itself from it by progressing abstraction – reducing shapes and forms, generalizing and experiencing their events and phenomena, and turning them into events of color, their contrasts, sometimes even conflicts. His paintings, however emotionally and meditatively based, work at the same time as geometry, lines and surfaces, which transform the image structure to give the painting further expressive possibilities. In this position they are also easy to communicate with the work of Roselli, growing on the contrary from minimalist records, lines and lines, first in small areas of plates and drawings, often creating series and series. They first marked the area they had broken down and measured, but at some point they turned into space. The lines of space and things connect and create its new construction. For Roselli, however, these lines, from all possible places, surfaces, walls, are another form of communication. Touch (toccare), and tune (accordatura) are also important concepts in his theoretical reasoning. Touching is an important term for both – Ivan Ouhel’s paintings touch increasingly on the principles of natural events, revealing his order and cosmic context, while Roselli exposes the possibilities of fine geometry of space and interconnects it with lines and opens up for further communication.

PhDr. Jan Rous